Peterbalds About Peterbalds breed

About Peterbalds breed


(According to the WCF system)

Common features: hot by the touch, soft, but strong, these are elegant cats with elongate body, elongate extremities and tail, firm skeleton (bones) just like all the oriental cats have.

Type: chilly, clear-cut and firm.

Head: narrow, V-shaped, flat cheeks and forehead, long neb. There are some vertical rhytides on the forehead. Whiskers are whelked, grown-up animals have broken off ones or dont have any. Chin is on the same line with the tip of nose. Straight line of profile.

Ears: large, wide in the initiation, opened up, low carriage of ears is preferable.

Eyes: almond-shaped, slantindicularly planted, all suspicions of blue and green colors. No lashes.

Body: elongate, muscled, deep line of inguen, straight forearms, high and neat extremities. Oval paws. Long and flexible fingers.

Tail: long, straight, slash, tapered by the edge.

Skin: elastic, twiggy, overabundant in drifting rhytides. There is some obsolescent wool on the points. Primarily fool absence of wool.

Coat pattern: any kind of.

Defects: short, round head; small and straightway planted ears; round, bossy, straight planted eyes of unusual color, short body, short and incorrectly finishing tail, fully downthrown body; chinless, overshot bite (cuspal interference).

Deficiencies: entropion, overshot bite more than 2 mm (the absence of cuspal interference), hooked and fractured tail.

Crossing with: oriental cats (Siamese, Oriental, Bali). Crossing with Don Sphynx is strictly forbidden.